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Here is a little bit about me….

I’m kind of trendy, I guess you could say. If you saw me, you may not be inclined to think that based on pure observation. My hair, my clothes….not so much.

I am part of a growing trend. I am a mother of “advanced maternal age.”  That’s not because I was a go-getter and needed a high profile job on Wall Street. It’s not because it was by choice.  It’s the way it happened. I feel extremely blessed to have two beautiful sons with a wonderful husband. But that chapter in my life started late.

So, how am I trendy? At 46, I have a 10 month old and a 4 year old. I could be their grandmother for all intensive purposes.  But I’m their mother and I’m in love with them.  Their grandmother is 81. My mother is 81 years old.  And I love her too.

And that’s where I become part of a growing trend. I am part of the so-called “Sandwich Generation”. Not a Ruben or a tomato mozzarella panini lover (they sound good though!)  But I’m a mom caring for 2 young babies and also the daughter worrying about care for her 81 year old mother.

It’s a strange dichotomy. I am a part of wondrous milestones with my young boys. And at the very same time, some times virtually within hours, I am a part of a similar stage of transition in my mother’s life.

This cyclical nature of life is ever present in my current days. My mind yearns and works constantly on staying in the present moment. I strive to capture, if at least momentarily, all the beauty in the special moments. But at the exact same time, I’m thrust forward to how quickly life passes by.

Wasn’t I just riding the bus on a school trip with my mom at my side?

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